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Armed Services Ministry

About Armed Service Ministry

Armed Services Ministry seeks to equip our country’s bravest men and women with the transforming power of God’s Word. To accomplish this goal, Armed Services Ministry partners with military leaders and national organizations to provide free Scripture resources for service men and women.

Engage with Free Bible Resources

Thanks to the generosity of American Bible Society’s financial partners, service men and women may obtain print Bibles, devotional apps, online Bible-reading plans and more at no charge. For more information—and to access these resources—visit our Free Resources page.

Take a Journey Through American Bible Society’s History

Armed Services History

In 1817, when warships relied on sails and soldiers carried muskets, American Bible Society shipped Bibles to sailors aboard the USS John Adams. Since that time, the organization has committed to sharing God’s Word with soldiers, veterans and their families.

  • 1817: Distributed Bibles to the crew of the USS John Adams
  • 1846: Supplied more than 7,000 Scripture portions to U.S. troops serving in the Mexican War
  • 1861: Distributed Scripture portions to both Confederate and Union troops during the Civil War
  • 1914: Shipped Bibles to troops serving in World War I
  • 1940: Delivered more than 7.4 million Scripture portions to members of the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II
  • 1991: Distributed 300,000 compact Bibles with camouflage covers to the U.S. Military
  • 2003: Published a Good News Translation of the Bible for military personnel
  • 2013: Released the Military Bible Challenge app to provide service members with multi-day devotionals

To learn more about American Bible Society’s Armed Services Ministry, visit the Armed Services Ministry homepage.