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In the Caribbean, the cultures of Africa, Europe and the Americas have blended to create a unique set of needs for Bible ministry. From crowd-sourced Bible translations in Jamaica to Bible distribution in Cuba, the Caribbean is full of opportunities to meet those needs and share God’s Word with those who need it most.

With support from American Bible Society’s financial partners, this work is being carried out by the Bible Societies in the Haiti, the Netherland Antilles and Aruba, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and the Biblical Commission of Cuba.


Bible translation: Many Christians in Caribbean countries speak local languages that are different from the official languages of their countries. In Jamaica and Haiti, believers are waiting for translations in the Creole dialects that are spoken throughout their communities every day. In Cuba, deaf believers are waiting for a Bible to be translated into the sign language that they use every day.

Bible-based Domestic Violence Prevention: In Caribbean nations where economies are unstable and career opportunities are scarce, domestic violence threatens families and communities. Without a long-term solution based on biblical principles, people have little hope of finding healing from abuse in the past and the empowerment to prevent abuse in the future.

Distribution: In Cuba, the majority of the nation is Christian, but there are not enough Bibles. Believers there are waiting for God’s Word to be widely available to both old and new believers.


Bible translation: In Jamaica and Haiti, Creole translations of the Bible are underway so that people can read God’s Word in the language that they use to sing their children lullabies. The translation in Jamaica is using crowd-sourcing as a technique to complete the translation. This both speeds the time it takes to complete a translation and builds community buy-in. In Cuba, a deaf Bible translation is underway to reach people from the deaf community. American Bible Society’s financial partners support both of these projects.

Bible-based Domestic Violence Prevention: Bible Societies in the Caribbean, with support from American Bible Society’s financial partners, have collaborated to develop a Bible-based domestic violence prevention program for local churches and communities. Bible Societies share the curriculum, which is based on Scripture and biblical principles.

Distribution: As churches in Cuba have grown, the demand for Bibles is on the rise. Through initiatives with the church in Cuba, the Biblical Commission of Cuba, with support from American Bible Society’s financial partners, has been able to help provide for the demand for Scripture.

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  • Please pray that God would provide for the unique needs of the diverse cultures represented in the Caribbean.

  • Ask God to guide the Bible Societies in the Caribbean to understand and eliminate the major barriers to people reading and understanding the Bible.

  • Praise God for the collaboration among the Bible Societies in the Caribbean, especially on the domestic violence program.

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