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The web is changing. People and organizations are no longer confined to .org or .com domain names. Now, they have access to dozens of new domain names—and .bible is one of them.

Operated by American Bible Society, the .bible domain name allows faith-based organizations to share and and engage with Bible-related content, all in one place.


The internet is home to one billion websites, and more than 100,000 new websites launch every day. But in this space, faith-based organizations lack a centralized location to share Bible-related content and build a trusted, Bible-based brand online. These organizations need a “home base” on the web, where they can come together to share apps, ministry news, Bible-reading tools and more.


By registering a .bible domain name, churches, ministries and faith-based organizations have established .bible as an online source for all things Bible. Websites like, which hosts YouVersion’s free Bible app, and, which hosts Wycliffe’s annual ministry update, have enabled people and ministries to engage with God’s Word, together. As a result, internet users can more easily identify trusted sources of Bible-related content.  

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billion internet users around the world


billion websites on the internet


of people in the U.S. have internet access

Icon of hands prayingPrayer Points

  • Praise God for the organizations that actively use the .bible domain name to spur Bible engagement.

  • Pray for visitors of .bible websites—that they may feel equipped to share and engage with God’s Word.

  • Pray for the future of the internet. Ask God to continue to create opportunities for people to encounter him through the words on a screen.