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Although the official language is Spanish, more than 60 languages are spoken in Mexico. Of these, just 7 have translated Bibles. In order to make the Bible available to the people of Mexico, the Bible Society of Mexico, with support from American Bible Society’s financial partners, is working to make the Bible available to Mexicans in their native languages.


Mexicans whose mother tongues are languages other than Spanish often have difficulty reading and understanding God’s Word. Whether they’re Chol speakers in the state of Chiapas, Purepecha speakers from Michoacán, or members of the deaf community who communicate in Mexican sign language, these Christians long to hear God speak to them in their language. For those who can’t read or are not fluent readers, it’s important to have audio versions of the Bible so that people can listen to Scripture.


With support from American Bible Society’s financial partners, the Bible Society of Mexico is conducting Faith Comes By Hearing programs to reach oral learners with the Bible and currently working on Bible translations, including Mexican sign language, Chol, Purepecha and Tojolabal.

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  • Please pray that God would eliminate any barriers in the way of the translation projects in Mexico so that God’s Word would reach those who are waiting as quickly as possible.

  • Ask God to guide the translators as they implement new technology that will make their translations more accurate and efficient.

  • Praise God for the communities, including the pastors and church leaders, that are supporting these projects on the ground in Mexico.

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