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Trauma Healing
Trauma Healing

About Trauma Healing

What is Trauma?

Trauma involves experiencing or witnessing intense wounds to body, mind and soul which overwhelms the capacity to cope. Those who are victims of such things as rape, domestic violence, child abuse, trafficking, the violence of our inner cities and war, are traumatized humans. They live with recurring memories of atrocities witnessed and borne. It infects their sleep, destroys their relationships and their capacity to work, torments their emotions, shatters their faith and mutilates hope. The wounds of trauma are not visible; their effects are.

These wounds of the soul and spirit torment more than one in seven people around the world. Millions are longing for an escape from the pain and suffering.

Our Approach

Using the beautiful narrative found in Scripture and relying on mental health best resources, Mission Trauma Healing equips local people, churches and NGO’s to care for the broken and afflicted. Whether trauma healing is taking place in Gulu, Uganda, the Middle East or Phoenix, Arizona, local people know the unique struggles and cultural context needed to foster deep emotional healing and restore relationships with God and others.

Our Methodology

  • Convening sessions gather potential leaders for a program orientation
  • Equipping sessions train facilitators to serve members of their community
  • Healing sessions equip trauma survivors in local communities to release their pain
  • Advanced sessions hone the skills acquired at the initial session and during their practicum experience
  • Community of Practice meetings bring leaders together for ongoing support, networking and development

Healing the Wounds of Trauma Curriculum

Our core program is based on a workbook called Healing the Wounds of Trauma. It was first developed in Africa in 2001 and has been in regular use since.

Using the healing power of God’s word and the restorative message found in Scripture, the curriculum combines basic mental health concepts with composite real-life stories to help people connect the teaching with their circumstances. Through the text, leaders empower participants to identify their pain, share their suffering, forgive their oppressors and bring their pain to the cross of Christ for healing. As they release their pain, they are often able to forgive and sometimes can be reconciled with those who have inflicted the pain. They are freed to care for themselves and serve others.

The book has eleven chapters. Five of these are “core” and the others are used as needed. There is a separate edition for children, editions for earthquake victims and other special needs, and a story-based version for those without written language or with no Scripture in their first language. This current edition includes all-new stories adapted for ministry in North America, as well as three new chapters on domestic abuse, suicide, and addictions.

Trauma Healing Institute

The Trauma Healing Institute provides practitioners and facilitators with the tools, training, best practice and networking they need to carry out the work of trauma healing in their local communities.

How can you help?

If God is calling you to help those wounded in both soul and spirit, consider helping in these ways: