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Trauma Healing
Trauma Healing


Even when earthquakes pass, even when wars come to an end, even when illnesses fade away, people carry wounds of the soul and spirit. Will you join us in praying for the broken and the afflicted—and the facilitators, staff members and partners who make Trauma Healing sessions possible?

Pray for Trauma Healing equipping sessions in the Middle East

Pray for Trauma Healing equipping sessions in the Middle East with leaders from the Bible Societies of Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Jordan. As refugees stream in to escape violence and war, please pray that the American Bible Society trauma healing team will be able to train the 50 local leaders and facilitators to use the restorative Scripture narrative to minister to the wounded of soul and spirit. Please pray for families who are displaced and women and girls who are kidnapped and held captive against their will for evil purposes. May God grant mercy in these difficult circumstances and may God grant them the peace and healing they so desperately need.

Pray for the initial equipping session that will take place in Phoenix, AZ

We pray that God will use these leaders to reach those hurting in Phoenix. Sessions will be held in both Spanish and English and we pray that God

Praise and celebrate that Hope Rising is nominated for an Emmy

Hope Rising is a documentary telling the story about Trauma Healing in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Pray for the ongoing recording and editing of audio trauma healing

Pray for the ongoing recording and editing of audio trauma healing in Democratic Republic of Congo, Central Africa Republic, Uganda and Kenya. Thank God for the dedication of national Bible Society staff and voice talents who spent long hour recording the episodes. Also, pray for the ongoing negotiations with radio stations in these countries to be receptive to airing the programs.

Pray for Sylvain

Sylvain NDJENDOLE, General Secretary, Bible Society in Central Africa Republic has been bed-ridden for the past one month. Due to a low blood count, Sylvain is very weak and can hardly stand nor walk. Doctors in Central Africa Republic are unable to determine the cause of his illness and have recommended that he urgently travels to France for diagnosis and treatment. Sylvain is a champion of the Bible and an advocate for trauma healing in his country. He suffered a great deal during the civil war and survived several assassination attempts. Bible Society offices were looted 10 times over the past 2-years. Regardless of these difficulties, Sylvain continues to dedicate his life to the Bible cause in his country and in Africa. Pray that God will provide Sylvain with healing and strength to recover from his illness.


So often, when suffering people encounter the Bible, everything changes. They find the courage to smile, the strength to forgive and the confidence to share their pain. Your gift today will equip these men, women and children to experience the healing power of God’s Word, providing hope for those who once felt hopeless.

How Will Your Gift Be Used?

With every $10 gift, we will distribute God’s Word to a suffering person: either an adult in a Trauma Healing Bible study or a child in a Trauma Healing camp.