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Ministry in U.S. Cities: Philadelphia
Ministry in U.S. Cities: Philadelphia

Research: Bible Engagement in Philadelphia

We long to see lives changed with God’s Word in Philadelphia. To help create that change, we must first understand the spiritual needs of Philadelphians. That’s why we are conducting research with Barna to grasp the full picture of how Philadelphians identify themselves and their relationship to the Bible.

We are conducting research on:

  • demographics such as age, culture, and political affiliation
  • how Philadelphians think of and interact with the Bible
  • how Philadelphians define their faith

We conduct our research using:

  • Phone surveys
  • Online surveys

With this feedback, we can assess how Philadelphians:

  • Think about their faith
  • Engage with and think about the Bible
  • Interact with local church communities

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