American Bible Society
Ministry in U.S. Cities: Philadelphia
Ministry in U.S. Cities: Philadelphia

Bible Engagement Resources for Leaders in Philadelphia

Whether you want to launch a 40-day journey through the Bible with your church or organize an outreach to neighbors who are skeptical of the Bible’s worth, we are here to partner with you.

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Our programs include:

Community Bible Experience: Take your church or ministry members on a 40-day journey through the entire New Testament. This Bible-reading experience can be tailored to culminate in a community gathering event.

Strength for the Street: This program consists of two contextualized resources—a Strength for the Street Study Bible and companion handbook—for the law enforcement community in your city. Both resources contain stories from police chaplains and officers that offer insights into some of the struggles police officers might face, including anger, guilt, and feelings of hopelessness.

JourneyMaker: Using the JourneyMaker platform, we can help you create a series of daily Scripture messages that can be accessed by phone and web. Each day’s message consists of a Scripture passage as well as commentary text, audio files, videos, or images.