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Trauma Healing
Trauma Healing

Helping Hurting Children

What is the Children’s Trauma Healing program?

Children's Trauma Healing is an adaptation of the Classic Adult Trauma Healing program designed for children ages 9-13. Gathering either in a one-week "camp" setting or in weekly meetings led by a certified Children's Trauma Healing facilitator, traumatized children are led through the mental health informed and biblically-based Trauma Healing curriculum. Using stories, games, crafts, art, music, and other activities, this program is designed to help traumatized children express their pain and emotions in a safe environment and find healing for their heart wounds.

How can I participate with this Trauma Healing ministry?

Currently, we are not offering trainings to be certified as a Children Trauma Healing facilitator, because this training program necessitates an in-person component of working directly with children, which is not possible due to Covid-19. Additionally, it is not advised to do online Trauma Healing Groups with this age group due to the sensitive nature of this program and the challenges of providing adequate mental health support to them in an online setting. We will update this website if anything changes.

In the meantime, we encourage you to go to the Resources section, download and use, “Peace, Be Still: A Family Guide for Living in Crazy Days.”