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Nida Institute

The Nida Institute carries out its work domestically and internationally. Domestically, the Institute is known as the research, scholarship and service arm of American Bible Society. Internationally, and more recently, the Institute became one of the charter members of the Italy-based  San Pellegrino University Foundation.

In both venues, The Nida Institute carries forward the work of its namesake, Eugene A. Nida (1914-2011), who directed American Bible Society translations from 1946-1984 and is widely recognized as one of the foremost linguists and translation theorists of the 20 th century.

Within American Bible Society, the The Nida Institute serves the strategic initiatives of ministry. In support of ministry, The Nida Institute designs and oversees domestic programs of scholarship, professional development, quality assurance and translation. The Nida Institute staff members also represent American Bible Society to the media in matters of biblical scholarship and translation. The Nida Institute curates and preserves a renowned collection of rare Bibles and Scriptures of the World. Key partners in the Institute’s domestic work include the  Society of Biblical Literature and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

As one of four charter members of the San Pellegrino University Foundation, The Nida Institute operates an international center for translation studies, providing translation training and publishing services. Because the San Pellegrino University Foundation is recognized by the European Union as a center for higher education, its members can offer their clients the benefits of accredited academic programs and access to European Union scholarships and bursaries.

Clients The Nida Institute serves from this center come from the world of Bible translation (the United Bible Societies, SIL International, The Seed Company, Biblica, etc.) as well as from the world of translation studies. Key programs directed by the Foundation include the  Nida School of Translation Studies and the annual Translation Studies Research Symposium held in New York City.

Icon of a stopwatchQuick Facts

7,000 languages

spoken around the world


global translation projects in process

1,700 languages

have no access to Scripture and no translation work started.

34 Years

time needed to translate a full Bible in 1985

12 Years

time needed to translate a full Bible today

Icon of hands prayingPrayer Points

  • Pray for the 165 million people around the world who have no access to Scripture. Ask God to give them peace and hope as they wait to engage with the Bible.

  • Pray that training from The Nida Institute would help Bible translators accelerate translation projects, equipping more people in more places to encounter God in his Word.

  • Pray that God would use research from The Nida Insitute to help Bible translators overcome the barriers that prevent them from producing accurate, timely translations.