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The Nida School of Bible Translation (NSBT) is a new global training initiative The Nida Institute has developed in service to a number of major Bible translation agencies, often with financial support from Every Tribe Every Nation (ETEN). This particular curriculum provides training that will both accelerate translation production and assure its continued high quality and conformance with contemporary standards of accuracy, cultural sensitivity, localized leadership and cost efficiency.

The Nida Institute will continue to host its training series in Misano Adriatico, Italy as well as in other locations around the world. This innovative approach to Bible translation training situates the activity within the broader framework of the academic discipline of Translation Studies. The following six themes emanate from this starting point:

1. The Bible and its World. Coursework focuses on biblical exegesis, while reflecting modern approaches to hermeneutics.

2. Contemporary Translation Studies. Coursework covers translation methodology and history, as well as issues in ethics and ideology.

3. Languages and Linguistics. Coursework explores basic principles of linguistics, as well as biblical languages.

4. Media, Audience, and Communication. Coursework deals with the theory, production and performance of non-print translation, along with audience and communication studies.

5. Bible Translation Resources and Technology. Coursework includes exercises in the use of ParaText, distance learning tools, and localization of resources.

6. Project Management and Leadership Development. Coursework focuses on developing the leadership and management skills necessary to efficiently oversee projects and deliver final products.