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Roman Catholics in the U.S.
Roman Catholics in the U.S.

Lectio Divina

Listen to the words of Scripture.

Seeking to overcome life’s pressures and demands, the practice of Lectio Divina inspires people to sit in silence and listen for God’s voice in Scripture. The exercise incorporates five distinct steps:

Reading. What does the text say?

Meditation. What does the text say to you?

Prayer. How do you respond to the text?

Contemplation. Silence to take it all in—and listen for God’s voice.

Action. Take the word of God and apply it to your everyday life.

Whether you’re seeking to connect with God on your own or looking to bring the exercise to your parish, diocese or faith community—Lectio Divina equips participants to intimately encounter God through his Word.

“Scripture is the gateway to Jesus, because through the written Word, one gains knowledge of him.” – Cardinal Dolan

Discover more about Lectio Divina, and download printable brochures and booklets, by visiting the Lectio Divina Resources page.