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U.S. Cities

Bible skepticism is rising

Trends often start in cities. And in the United States today, the trend of Bible engagement is declining while Bible skepticism is rising. But as fewer and fewer Americans read, study and share God’s Word, there’s an opportunity to counter the trend—starting in cities.

Through collaboration with urban church and community leaders, we can equip more people in more U.S. cities to engage with God’s Word.


Church and community leaders from Phoenix to New York City want to share the life-changing message of God’s Word. But many of them lack the resources they need to effectively reach their communities with the Bible. To deliver the Good News of Jesus Christ in these diverse urban contexts, leaders must have access to resources created specifically for their cities.


Moving the needle of Bible engagement requires strategic partnership. That’s why, with the help of American Bible Society’s financial partners, we collaborate with church and community leaders to host listening sessions and distribute contextualized Bible resources. This work includes:

  • Listening: By listening to and convening with key urban leaders, we have identified barriers to Bible engagement in cities like Phoenix, New York City and Philadelphia.
  • Collaborating: By collaborating with churches, organizations and leaders in these cities, we have begun developing Bible resources tailored for Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant ministries.
  • Equipping: By distributing these contextualized Bible resources to church and community leaders, more people will be able to engage with God’s Word.

Icon of a stopwatchQuick Facts


of Americans read the Bible on a regular basis


of Americans wish they read the Bible more often


of American adults look at the Bible with skeptical eyes


of Americans say they feel overwhelmed or confused when reading the Bible

Facts according to the 2015 State of the Bible survey

Icon of hands prayingPrayer Points

  • Pray for urban church leaders across the country who long to build Bible-engaged communities. Ask God to provide for their unique needs.

  • Ask God to ignite a renewal of Bible engagement in U.S. cities through leaders dedicated to driving Bible engagement.

  • Praise God for the way his Word has already changed lives in cities across the country.