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They need help breaking down the barriers

In the United States today, most people have a Bible. They just don’t all read it.

That’s why we’re working together with ministry and financial partners to advocate for the Bible in culture and to equip local churches and communities to share the message of Scripture with those who need it most.

Whether people don’t have time to read the Bible, don’t know where to start or doubt the relevance of the Bible’s message for their lives, they need help breaking down the barriers preventing them from reading and being changed by God’s Word. 


Research from our annual  State of the Bible survey, shows that the percentage of people regularly engaging with the Bible is declining, while the percentage of people skeptical of the Bible is on the rise.

But there are also signs of hope: most Americans (98 percent) think that all people should have access to the Bible, and many Americans (60 percent) wish they read the Bible more. God is working in hearts across our nation, and our goal is to be faithful in ensuring that the Bible is available and alive to speak to those who need it most.


In order to share God’s Word with people in the U.S., we’ve developed a two-pronged approach:  advocating in culture and working through cities. This work includes work among the military community, Protestant, Orthodox and Catholic churches, and those who have experienced great pain or trauma.

  • Culture: By working through channels of culture, including government, media and the arts, we can share the message of the Bible in a practical, relevant context.
  • Cities: By working with church, ministry and community partners in U.S. cities, we can help equip local leaders to share God’s Word in a way that addresses the needs of a particular city.

Icon of a stopwatchQuick Facts

321 million

Population of the U.S.


of American adults read the Bible daily


of American adults never read the Bible


of American adults wish they read the Bible more

Icon of hands prayingPrayer Points

  • Pray that God would remove any barriers that might exist for people to read the Bible.

  • Ask God to lead those who are working in culture and cities around the U.S. to help people encounter his Word.

  • Praise God that the Bible is widely available to so many people in the U.S. in digital, print and audio formats.

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