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We seek to accelerate Bible translation projects around the globe, helping more people in more places

engage with
God’s Word

At American Bible Society, we yearn for a world where all people—from the coast of Peru to the mountains of South Sudan—have access to the life-changing message of God’s Word. But around the world, more than one billion people lack a complete Bible in their heart language.

With the support of a global community of partners, we seek to accelerate Bible translation projects worldwide, helping more people in more places engage with God’s Word.


More than 165 million people have no access to Scripture in their heart language and no translation work started. Thanks to new technology and collaboration among Bible translation organizations, it is now possible to complete these translations more quickly and accurately than ever. But in order to make this happen, local translators need training in best practices, support from experts, and key resources, including computers, software and Internet access.


With support from financial partners, we have the opportunity to work with a global community to accelerate Bible translation projects in countries, cities and villages around the world. Acceleration often involves providing translators with resources, including computers, software, and supplies, that the translation teams need to function efficiently. In addition, translators receive training in best practices, and they learn to gather community review that builds buy in within the Christian community and speeds distribution to people who are anxiously awaiting.

Bible translation depends on a vast network of partners, including:

  • United Bible Societies, a fellowship of Bible Societies in more than 200 countries and territories, helps provide expertise and training in Bible translation, publishing and distribution.
  • Every Tribe Every Nation, an alliance of financial partners and leading Bible agencies from around the world, has championed technology that accelerates international translation projects.
  • The Nida Institute for Biblical Studies, American Bible Society’s research and scholarship arm, implements Bible translation research and best practices around the globe.

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languages spoken around the world.


million people have no access to Scripture and no translation started.


languages have a translation project in process

Icon of hands prayingPrayer Points

  • Pray for Bible translators on the ground, that God would provide wisdom and strength as they strive to make his Word available in communities worldwide.

  • Ask God to provide the resources and tools needed to complete translation projects around the world.

  • Pray for the people still waiting to read Scripture in their heart language. Ask God to guide them and provide for them as they wait to read his Word in the language of their family, friends and neighbors for the first time.

  • Praise God for the church leaders and financial partners who support Bible translators across the globe.

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