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Trauma Healing
Trauma Healing

Components of a Trauma Healing Ministry

Events on this webpage are hosted by the organization or facilitator listed on the event. If you have questions about an event, please reach out directly to the contact person listed on the event.

Trauma Healing Ministry Event Types

Healing Groups: a safe, multi-session small group where people with heart wounds can find healing, engage with Scripture, and become more resilient. Healing Groups are led by certified facilitators and cover topics such as God’s presence in suffering, grieving, and forgiveness. Adult healing groups are meant for those ages 18 and older and are not intended to be a replacement for professional mental health care.

Convening Sessions: an informational session that helps church, ministry, and community leaders experience and understand the Trauma Healing ministry and decide if they want to integrate it into their community.

Initial Equipping Session: the first stage of the training cycle which trains people to facilitate Healing Groups. This equipping session invites participants to experience a Healing Group and learn how to help others do the same. (Sometimes the Healing Group experience portion of the Initial Equipping is conducted separately from the facilitator training. Please check the Initial Equipping prerequisites to ensure you're completing the full Initial Equipping.)

Facilitator Trainings: the first stage of the training cycle for people who have already experienced a Healing Group and want to help others.

Advanced Equipping Session: the final stage of the training cycle which helps facilitators improve their skills and engage with the material on a deeper level. Those who have attended an Initial Equipping or Facilitator Training and have led at least 2 healing groups are eligible to attend.

Community of Practice: the network of facilitators involved in implementing Trauma Healing ministries in their communities. At times they gather for collaboration, continuing education, encouragement, and prayer. These events can happen online or in-person at a local, national, and global level.


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